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Veterinary Medical Center

243 North Jebavy
Ludington, MI 49431


In Case of an Emergency

After Hours Emergency Services

Veterinary emergencies may occur at any time, day or night. Rest assured that you will ALWAYS be able to consult with a veterinary professional 24/7. 

For after-hours urgent care, here are the steps to take:

  • Please call 231-845-0585 where you will be directed to our answering service, PetNurse by LifeLearn.
    • PetNurse is staffed by veterinary professionals who will discuss the problems your pet is experiencing. They will help you determine if this is an emergency or something that can wait until regular office hours.
  • If together, you and the PetNurse team feel that it is safe to wait until regular office hours, please call our office at 8:00AM the next business day for an appointment.
  • If together, you and the PetNurse team feel that your pet should be seen on emergency:
    • PetNurse will assist you in contacting one of the 24 hour care facilities in Traverse City or Grand Rapids.

You are not alone in your emergency situation. Please understand that emergency veterinary care is ALWAYS available to you when you need it. However, this care may occur at one of the 24 hour care facilities depending on when the emergency occurs or the severity of the situation.

Bay Area Pet Hospital

844 E Front St, Traverse City


Animal Emergency Hospital

3260 Plainfield Ave, Grand Rapids


In Case of an Emergency call 231-845-0585