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Veterinary Medical Center in Ludington, MI

Feline Price List

OC - $26 (only one office call is charged no matter how many pets you bring to the appointment, this gives our clients with multiple pets a break on veterinary care)

EX - $26(We recommend a complete physical exam once a year for pets under 7 yrs of age, and twice a year for pets over 7)

FVRCP - $10 Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia. (recommended annually)

RABIES - $17 (recommended annually for ALL cats)

FELUK - $23 Feline leukemia (recommended if your cat goes outside)

FECAL - $27 (Recommend testing or treating ALL cats annually)

FELINE LEUKEMIA/FIV TEST - $44 (recommended for all new pets where preventative healthcare history is unavailable)

PEDICURE - $7 (with appointment) $15 if this is the only reason we are seeing your pet



*Both testicles must have descended or fees will increase.




*Prices may increase due to age, intra-abdominal fat, status of heat cycle, pregnancy, or other complications.



*Pain medication to go home is STRONGLY recommended with declaw patients.

*PAIN MEDICATION – your pet does receive pain medication while in our hospital however, every patient responds to pain differently and some may need additional medication to go home for several days. Price of pain medication varies depending on age of pet, weight of pet, and if owner can give tablets or prefers liquid medication.

*Any time your pet goes under anesthesia we recommend preanesthetic bloodwork, although strongly recommended we do not require it. This tells us how your pet’s organs are functioning and how well their organs can process the anesthesia.

MINI PROFILE - $70 (recommended for pets under 6yrs of ate & in good health)

GENERAL HEALTH PROFILE - $90 (recommended for pets over 6yrs of age or with a health concern)

MICROCHIP - $48 (This is an option for all pets, but for your pet's comfort we recommend this is done while your pet is under anesthesia)