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Veterinary Medical Center in Ludington, MI

Canine Price List

OC - $26 (only one office call is charged no matter how many pets you bring to the appointment, this gives our clients with multiple pets a break on veterinary care)

EX - $26 (we recommend a complete physical exam once a year for pets under 7 years of age, and twice a year for pets over 7)

DHLP2 - $17  Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptosporosis, Parainfluenza, & Parvo virus (recommended every three years)

RABIES - $10  First vaccine good for 1 year, booster vaccine every 3 years. (Required for License)

HWC - $38  Heart worm/tick test (recommended annually will check every other year if on heartworm prevention year round with NO MISSED DOSES)

LYMES - $37.55  Lymes vaccine (recommended annually) we have seen a large increase in the amount of Lymes disease in our area. If you have ever seen a tick on your pet we are recommending this vaccine.

BTV - $15.50  Kennel cough vaccine (recommended annually if your pet goes to a boarding kennel, dog show, groomer, or dog park)

FECAL - $27

PEDICURE - $7 (with appointment) $15 if this is the only reason we are seeing your pet

CASTRATION - $127.00


*Both testicles must have descended or fees will increase.



*Prices may increase due to age, intra-abdominal fat, status of heat cycle, pregnancy, or other complications.

*Any time your pet goes under anesthesia we recommend preanesthetic bloodwork, although strongly recommended we do not require it. This tells us how your pet’s organs are functioning and how well their organs can process the anesthesia.

MINI PROFILE - $70 (recommended for pets under 6 yrs of age & in good health)

GENERAL HEALTH PROFILE - $90 (recommended for pets over 6 yrs of age or with a health concern)

*Your pet does receive pain medication while in our hospital however, every patient responds to pain differently and some may need additional medication to go home for several days.

MICROCHIP - $48 (this is an option for all pets but for your pet’s comfort we recommend this while your pet is under anesthesia.)